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   Today, on May 12, the convention forum «Strategy of the future» has taken place in Lenin Komsomol Park. The Chairman of National Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin, the first deputy head of executive committee of SM «Donetsk Republic» Andrey Kramar, heads of several ministries, Labor Unions Federation of the DPR and other officials have taken part in its work.

   There was a presentation of stands with achievements and plans for the near future of each ministry. The enterprises of the Donetsk People’s Republic presented their products in pavilions.

   The forum took place at three discussion platforms. Speakers made reports on hot topics concerning activity of their departments and all the participants had an opportunity to ask questions interesting them and to receive answers firsthand.

   «Such forums are very necessary, — emphasized Denis Pushilin. – I have seen stands, pavilions. We are elated by the fact that it has already been done, by the fact that our enterprises are working and making production. People continued to work even under firings. We have something to be proud and at the same time we realise that it is impossible to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. We need mutually beneficial economic cooperation with the Russian Federation, Abkhazia, North Ossetia and other countries».

    The Minister of Education and Science of the DPR Larisa Polyakova, the first deputy head of executive committee of SM «Donetsk Republic» Andrey Kramar, the Acting Minister of information Elena Nikitina, the Acting Minister of Justice Elena Radomskaya were speakers of the first block of a discussion platform.

   Andrey Kramar addressed himself on history of creation of SM «Donetsk Republic», emphasized that today ranks of social movement contain 139 633 people and every day more than 100 inhabitants of the Republic enter this social movement.

Larisa Polyakova about development of an education and science system of the Republic

   The Minister of Education and Science of the Donetsk People’s Republic Larisa Polyakova made  a report the theme of which were comparative characteristics of the education and science system of the DPR and the Ukrainian model of an education system and science.

   – First I would like to analyse with you our lives over the past two years, — Larisa Petrovna addressed herself to the audience. — Let’s remember how it all began in September, 2014 and what we have achieved so far. At that time Ukraine has not come up with anything other how to transfer six Donetsk high schools on their territory. But! Material resources, license, training capacity, the main personnel, thousands of students stayed in Donetsk! What did Ukraine expect when it suggested it? They planned transition without thinking of quality of education. What quality of education would have been in empty cases of jeweler plant?

   And did anybody hear Ukraine consider at least some version of the educational process among institutions of secondary vocational education (at that time they were called high schools of I and II level of accreditation)

   In September, 2014 they just forgot about this category of educational institutions without thinking about the training of professional and technical personnel at all.

   School students were offered distance learning … But it isn’t systematic training. That is our neighbouring state was not interested in what would happen to children, students, teachers. But 250 thousand people study and work in the system of education and science of the Republic!

   Having started educational process in October, 2014 we faced full-scale information war. Yes, it still continues … But people saw that school and university students of the Republic study, we organized free meals, we are developing a network of recreational areas and school camps, opening new ones. Last year 12 thousand school students were revitalized!

   We began to work better because now teaching is carried out in that language in which people think. And children acquire various disciplines better because they understand their teachers.

   In cooperation with deputies of National Council, special-purpose committee we  made break in formation of standard legislative base of the education and science system, having absolutely changed the concept of document development. Now specially created groups of teachers, public figures, students are working on bills. The developed concept of the document is submitted for discussion and only after that it is offered to deputies for consideration. As executive power the Ministry of Education and Science of the Donetsk People’s Republic imposes nothing, — the Minister of Education and Science of the DPR emphasized her position.

   Larisa Polyakova told about close cooperation with Russian higher education institutions, about reference points of an education and science system of the DPR, about future plans and achievements.

   — The Ministry of Education and Science integrated all directions of science into its structure –the high school one as personnel potential, the academic one (sector of basic researches), the branch one as applied application of fundamental science, — summed up Larisa Petrovna.

Education of younger generation is a general task

   Elena Nikitina told about the information war launched by the Ukrainian mass media and role of journalism of the Donetsk People’s Republic in formation of public opinion. «Our main information weapon is the truth. It is notable that our slogan is «To write, to tell and to show the truth». And it is the main task of republican and local TV channels and newspapers».

   Elena Radomskaya in her report «Real estate register» maid participants of the forum aware of work of judicial authorities and noted that now closing of a deal with real estate became possible.

   The deputy of the Minister of Culture of the DPR Mikhail Zheltyakov, the first deputy minister of youth, sport and tourism of the DPR Alexander Gromakov, the head of SO «Young Republic» Sergey Kondrykinsky spoke in the second block.

   Speakers set the main tasks for the next period and also noted effective cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR in education of younger generation.

Press service of MON of the DPR

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