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On Friday, May 27, the II International scientific forum «Innovative prospects of Donbass: infrastructure and social and economic development» opened in the Donetsk People’s Republic. This forum is annually carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR for the purpose of public discussion of problems of a state policy in the sphere of scientific and technical development, formation of mechanisms of research and production cooperation, priority directions of scientific and technical and innovative activity.

   Within the forum, which took place in the ninth building of the Donetsk national technical university, the exhibition of scientific and technical developments which can be in demand in the sphere of the industry and business was presented. Among participants there are research institutes, branch institutions, educational organizations of higher education, students’ scientific society of the Donetsk association of the student’s trade-union organizations. Work of the exhibition was organized according to the following thematic sections: materials with special characteristics, functional and composite materials; new technologies in mechanical engineering; automation, control and diagnostics devices; alternative energy sources; information technologies; instrument making, electronics; new technologies in construction, housing-and-municipal economy, new construction materials; innovations in transport branch; new decisions in agro-industrial complex.

   The Minister of Education and Science of the Donetsk People’s Republic Larisa Polyakova opened the exhibition. Larisa Petrovna attentively examined all the stands, communicated to the heads of research institutes and higher education institutions and then shared her impressions with members of the media.

   «Last year we held a scientific forum for the first time. We succeeded, there were good responses and this year we continue this practice because we have received many requests.  At the exhibition all the sciences of the Donetsk People’s Republic are presented: branch science (it both mechanical engineering and instrument making), industrial group with the State innovative company which already produces products on the offered technologies it is known all around the world; academic fundamental science. A considerable part is occupied also by student’s science. You can see stands of all largest universities of the Donetsk People’s Republic. We mean that the «adult» science is inseparable from the student’s one, this is the principle of a continuity of education and basic scientific researches. At the exhibition the most interesting things are presented.

   But if we had had more area, we would have made several pavilions, we have what to show: for the last two years there have been an activity outbreak and in sciences too. At this exhibition you can see developments which are already introduced, those which are in a stage of pilot production and those that are presented at the conceptual level», — Larisa Polyakova emphasized.

   The exhibition was attended by the Chairman of National Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin who got acquainted with the presented stands and communicated to scientists with a great interest.

   Plenary session «Innovative prospects of Donbass became the following stage of the forum: infrastructural and social and economic development».

   Opening a meeting the Minister of Education and Science of the DPR Larisa Polyakova greeted attendees and designated the tasks: consolidation of administrative, scientific, industrial and financial resources for the purpose of the most effective use of the available and also attracted scientific and technical potential; contribution to development of scientific and scientific and technical potential; participation in implementation of interstate scientific and scientific and technical cooperation; discussion of priority directions of scientific and technical and innovative activity in the Donetsk People’s Republic; the presentation of opportunities of science in the sphere of creation of innovations and a transfer of technologies.

   At a meeting there were heads of ministries and departments of the Republic, deputies of National Council, heads of scientific institutions, educational organizations of higher education, research and pedagogical associates, specialists of the enterprises, representatives of labor unions of the DPR. Denis Pushilin congratulated the participants of the forum on an event of such high level.

   «I am glad that we have a huge potential, — noted the Chairman of National Council of the DPR. – I express gratitude to those scientific experts who in the most difficult periods remained faithful to their Homeland, their educational institutions. We have huge opportunities now if we are able to manage properly those resources which we possess. We understand full well that it is not enough to develop, it is important to bring developments to a logical conclusion, to churn out production, to enter new markets. There is a very good term – a proactive import substitution. It is necessary not only to replace, but to advance and there are all opportunities for this purpose «.

   Within a forum a milestone event in scientific life of the Republic took place: delivery of the first in the history of the DPR Doctor of Sciences Diploma which had been signed by the Minister of Education and Science Larisa Polyakova the day before. The Doctor of Economics Diploma was handed by Denis Pushilin. We note that doctor’s degree is conferred on the professor of the Donetsk state university of management Roman Obodets for the work «Infrastructure ensuring of social and economic development of the region».

   Besides that seven diplomas of the candidate of science were handed. The chairman of the board of rectors, the rector of the Donbass academy of construction and architecture Evgeny Gorokhov and the vice rector for scientific work of the Donetsk state university of management Vyacheslav Dorofiyenko participated in a ceremony of delivery.

   Work of the forum continued with the report of the Minister of Education and Science of the DPR Larisa Polyakova which was devoted to the comparative analysis of education and science systems of the DPR and Ukraine. The audience also heard the director of institute of physical and organic chemistry and coal chemistry of L.M. Litvinenko Mikhail Savoskin («Fundamental science as basis of innovative development of the Republic»), the Minister of Justice of the Donetsk People’s Republic Elena Radomskaya («Actual problems of innovative development of economy of Donbass»), the director of  research, design and technological institute of explosion-proof and miner electric equipment Evgeny Varenik («Prospects of complex development and organization of production of explosion-proof and special electric equipment within the import substitution program in the industry of the Russian Federation»), the acting rector of the Donetsk national technical university Konstantin Marenich («The scientific potential of DonNTU is the most important factor of economic development of Donbass») and other participants of the forum.

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